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y u sah lonery
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y u sah lonery

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I think meeting someone who you are comfortable with is so much more important than meeting someone who takes your breath away. You are not comfortable while holding your breath, who says you’ll be comfortable with the person who took your breath away? Find someone who makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, and in their arms
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Cutest shit ever aww

Someone hand me a tissue for my tears 😩☺️

Aw I’m crying 😿

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Anonymous said: 15,32,41,50

15:Things about someone that you find attractive? Because this was asked a second time, I’m going to keep going :P I also find a nice build really attractive :) AND SOMEONE WHO HAS A SENSE OF HUMOUR :D and is always happy :D

32:Who do you miss right now? MA NIGGA MA NIGGA

41:When was the last time you got really really happy and why? How happy is really really happy?! I’ve been working all week so it’s been pretty gloomy (and cos of gay weather) but I was really really happy when my friend told me that the next time we see each other, it would be a planned and a surprise for me! YIPPEEE ^___^

50:5 random facts about yourself: I’ve also answered this, but want another 5?
6. I’ve had many compliments about how slim my body is but looks can be deceiving
7. I love eating foods that have eggs in it
8.I still have a crush on Wu chun and it has been so long!! LOL (don’t follow him religiously though)
9. I enjoy stalking people on facebook
10. I’m almost always happy and not many things can bring me down :D

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4:Were you a part of any “clique” in high school?
LOL Ummm, I think everyone at school is part of a “clique”, but I reckon my whole school as a clique would be stereotyped as nerds and asians! hahaha so pretty much summed up all of us

5:Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why?
I think my favorite teacher was my accounting teacher! He took his time out to teach us everything to the finest detail and it didn’t feel like he was spoonfeeding at all!! He also took his time out to remember each one of us even though he was teaching like 6-7 classes!!

12:How did you meet your best friend and why did you become friends? hahah I actually met my best friend at uni before uni started actually :P We only became friends because we pretty much study the same things and I guess we have a lot of things in common. I know I can always be myself around him :)

13:Name one movie that made you cry. LOL umm, not many movies make me cry but I got a bit teary on the plane back a few years ago while I watched Valentines day .. yes i know, it’s a chick flick and I watched it the second time hoping that I would discover my weakness..but nope I’m just a cold person ;D haha

15:Things about someone that you find attractive? Many things!
I’m going to assume that someone is of the opposite sex. I guess, there manners and etiquette and how they conduct themselves? Knowing how to act and respond at the right times.
Physically, maybe a good smile and big googily eyes heh

16:What song are you currently listening to? LOL I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Ed Sheeran lately because he album just came out and it’s been pretty good!

39:What is your favorite kind of pizza? The good old Hawaiian can’t go wrong and bbq chicken. In terms of gourmet pizzas, then I love loveeee pumpkin pizzas with spinach and pine nuts! BOMB

42:What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? I can’t really think on the spot but I think those baby duck eggs with the whole body showing…..I was so brave as a kid! I would never go near them ever again, it looks disgusting!

43:How do you start a conversation? LOL with close friends - sometimes even without a greeting .. LOL ! but yo nigga, buttface those type of insulting words YANNOWHATIMSAYIN ;)

50:5 random facts about yourself:
1. I’m weird
2. I love the touch of hair (hair fetish)…on people and animals
3. I love all types of foods, like I would literally crave for all types of food all day long.
4. I’m not an impulse buyer and don’t like spending on myself - but I love spending on my family and friends
5. I don’t get annoyed easily but I enjoy annoying others.

Thanks for asking! Hope you’ve found out more about me :) hehe

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